My Week Or Yours?

“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…”

-White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland


This post is one part confessional one part prompt. I didn’t post last week after having signed on to the post a week challenge(?) just three weeks ago! Is it a challenge? Not in any public sense, at least not for me, the idea as I embraced it was to serve as a motivator to get words down on pape…er, uh on the screen. That said, who blows a challenge in the third week? Obviously, and quite naturally, my first impulse was to just throw in the towel all together. Then I thought just a moment longer and it occurred to me that I could just confess my sin post twice this week and carry on. Thus, the prompt part of this post. I missed a week. I am NOT quitting as a direct result. That is all.


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