quick poems: I


Chicken-or- the egg,
how would you make a better world?

Ideas for good
Learn how to share
Natural      Disasters

(Digital Age)


And the Winners are…

Life’s   new   hybrid.

rah-rah guy:   

Two hands on the ball at all times

Eyes forward even when you run sideways

Plant your foot in the direction of your target

bleeding-heart type:

Psychotic and severely un-Patriot-like

Pretty severe metrosexual

or, a weeper:


Please understand,

In some never heard of secret training room   

Psychic symbiosis births the cult concept.

As a matter of religious obligation,

Only in reverse,

Terrorizing we men into a cultish monotone.  


Poses as



Poses as

A way of life.

But, Jesus, I’ll take it


2 Responses

  1. So’kay…I have come back to this now three (I think) times faced with something that needs to be said that I can’t find the words for (especially words that don’t sound like overweaning fangirl prose). Particularly the second poem–and the reversal of religious obligation (believe I’ll be working my head around that for a while).

    So, off the cuff poet or deep planner?

    • Yes. Er, ….uh. I’ve been fixated on what I believe to be rappant anti-intellectualism in this country (mostly being directed at me…which might be a perception issue on my part (?), none the less!) and I don’t understand. When did being knowledgable or thinking critically become ‘Hideous?’ How is that the problem?
      So, couple those internal ramblings with a really cool writing prompt and you get the first two poems I’ve written in years.

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