The Happy & The Crappy: XII

File this under CRAP.

It’s March 28. Lord, it has been a brutal month. Seriously. Ease the fuck up, now. Thanks in advance for your cooperation on this matter.

There are layers of crappy in this post, fyi. One, it’s March 28th! This is the first time I’ve been well enough or functional enough or close enough to sane to try and type sentences. They may or may not be ‘complete’ sentences.

Two, back to back sinus infections. Well, no. One week on, one week off and then down again. And by down I mean can’t breath, can’t swallow, can’t SLEEP. Has been freaking fantastic.

Three, moving.

Four, credit nightmare. See,three.

Five, identity stolen. (These items are being listed in chronological order of the complete fuckery as it unfolded.*)

I’ll leave the list at that for now (by now I mean, I am so expanding on this nightmare. Possibly for months on end! YAY!) but it is only the 28th.

File this under Happy.

No, really.

In the midst of all of the preceeding garbage some really cool shit has gone down this month. Mostly in the form of MUSIC.

On the 5th I picked up my new guitar a Dean Ace Artist Cutaway Electric Acoustic. Love it.

Uh…actually file this one under weird. On 3/12, I thought,  I got to see Kristen Ward perform w/ Gary Westlake at the Taix lounge in Los Angeles. Though, I just went to double check the date and all references to the show are gone. Maybe I didn’t see them…? But, in my mind I enjoyed myself.

File this under: I have never made out with Joan Jett but I totally would. Went and checked out The Runaways flick. The film, not great. The story, fantastic.  Can not wait to get a hold of the new Joan Jett bio!

And, last though certainly not least, got plane tix and show tix to NYC to catch PJ at Madison Square Garden. Then it’s onto Atlantic City to see SLASH! Happy birthday to Me and Meadow!!!!

*I would be remiss if I did not thank/credit Christopher Moore for the oh so timely introduction of “fuckery” into my vocabulary. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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