The Happy & The Crappy: XI

Okay, okay, okay. February has SUCKED ASS thus far. So much drama so few days. But I have a plan! (AHAHAHAHAHAHA.) Wait, maybe not a plan so much as some tools. I am a tool, I use tools it’s all really great.  To that end the next few posts might seem a bit odd. There is nothing to be done for it, I am a bit odd. I may or may not get to the darker stuff, some of it I suppose. What I will get to, if it kills me, and it might is some of the good stuff. It is after all February-Hallmark and Love, blah, blah, blah. So I’m thinking some posts about things I love, maybe even 14 of them (Probably, closer to 4.) ! And this post counts…

The simplest all encompassing slogan/mantra that I have heard goes like this:

Trust God. Clean House. Help Others. (Love it.


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