128.74 or 13.1 miles

13.1 Miles



Ran my first half marathon this month. 13.1 miles in the San Jose Rock n’ Roll Marathon. It was a gorgeous day. Of course, I started out bitching. It was cold. I wanted to have pants on instead of shorts. Turns out though, I can’t/ won’t run if I am hot. I have had my worst runs while wearing pants, without fail. I twittered my bitching and got a near immediate response which, whatever it actually read, registered as ‘suck it up.’ (Thanks, Lady.)

Gorgeous day. Did I mention that? Could not have asked for better weather. Just over 10,000 runners. I had my best run to date. Covered the greatest distance to date. (10.5 was best in terms of miles prior to the 1/2 marathon.) I ran my best time. When I registered I signed up for a 3.5 hour completion time. I actually ran the run in 2:39:15.








I began running in December of last year. The goal was to quit smoking. The deal with me is I am not going to quit anything until it hurts bad enough. I quit smoking in March. In April for my birthday my BFF gave me a Runner’s Diary. It is only since then that I have logged my mileage. Thus, my 6 month (year to date) total is 128.74. 110.54 of those miles occurred prior to the half marathon. That’s right!! 100+ miles of training to pull out 13.1. This ‘habit’ works for me on so many levels it is ridiculous.


Next up? The Surf City Marathon.



The view from Surf City

The view from Surf City


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  1. Now that’s a view 🙂

    Looking forward to running with you!!

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