Les Paul

Les Paul passed today. There is nothing that I could say of his influence that would come close to being enough. His guitars shaped not only my IDEAL of what a guitar should be but the ideals of many of the players that I look up to. Which says nothing of his musical influence. Nor, for that matter does it speak to the manner in which he revolutionized the recording industry as a whole…multi-track recording, anybody?




I had the great fortune of seeing Les Paul live at the Iridium in NYC. Not only did he play beautifully, but, also, with great humor. The set was FUN to watch and felt warm and inclusive whether you were ‘playing’ along or not. After the set, Les Paul, held up in a booth and chatted (or flirted) with and took photos with everyone who wanted to meet him. He was gracious, kind, funny and SHARP as hell. The man clearly had not only developed great skill as a musician and performer but as a human being as well. I am indebted. And whether you know it or not, if you are a fan of music, so are you.

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