1,001 Tangents: Running, Rambling, Networking and the Like

Step 3. Over and over and over again. I tripped and fell and smacked my head repeatedly on step 3 yesterday. It was awesome. Tripping and falling and smacking my own head may well be what this entire post is about. Let’s find out?


On Running…

I said I would put up some pics and so I shall. The pics included here cover my favorite stopping point along the route I run. It’s the inlet which feeds into the wildlife preserve just on the other side of the beach.

The bridge over my favorite waters!

The bridge over my favorite waters!

This second photo is the view out from the bridge. It’s easily the coolest point (literally) in my run as there is always a breeze coming in off the water.
The view from the bridge.

The view from the bridge.

And last, though, certainly not least! These are the new “PINK” shoes I am relying on to get myself to this point and all other points in my running.
Why wouldn't I have Barbie cross-trainers?
Why wouldn’t I have Barbie cross-trainers?

Okay, okay. That’s it for running.

On Rambling…

I’m thinking the scope of what I try and include here needs to be expanded. There are very few things in this life that I know I am passionate about and I don’t spend nearly as much time as I should with those things. Thus, heretofore, in this space and all my other spaces as well there must be more MUSIC and more BOOKS.

On Networking…

Yesterday, we had a family emergency. No one knew how to get a hold of the immediate family involved. We’ve grown up and old and out of touch. We no longer or simply never had anything in common, so, we need not know how to reach each other. Wrong. After hours of frantic phone calls, messages, texts and the like…connections were made and re-made. There really is no excuse for it… at least not from a technological stand point. Which leaves nothing but ourselves to look at. That’s always a little rough.  


3 Responses

  1. Barbie crosstrainers…that may be the single best description of running shoes I’ve seen to date. Awesome. And, wow, the route you run is gorgeous!

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  3. […] certain long-distance running buddy will be delighted to find out, since I poked fun at her when she kvetched over the same earlier in the year, but, the new feet-shields are […]

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