The Resurrection and The Life

Tidal Pools

Spent Easter morning in a meeting, sharing on “experience, strength & hope.” I actually contributed! Might not have been my first contribution but it certainly felt great, Immediately! That was a first, for me anyway. After, I met up with friends and we went to some nearby tidal pools. I can not recall if I have ever spent Easter on the beach before but I do know for certain that I will again. The views were stunning and while some of the beach was crowded the pools themselves were not to bad.

Tidal pools have seasons…I think. Maybe it’s only me with the seasons. The Laguna Beach tide pools on this Easter Sunday housed urchins, striped shore crabs, hermit crabs and one (yes, just one) tiny fish. Bird Rock housed…birds.

Not incidentally this past Easter Sunday is the day I celebrated my 34thBirthday with friends. Today, marks my actual birthday. To celebrate, at the end of the week anyway I’m headed to Nashville–going to see the Hall of Fame, The Ryman and the Opry. Not to mention Loaded at a Hootenanny! I think I’ll probably take in my first Plantation as well. All in all, it’s a hell of a jump start on my new biological year.


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